Finance Glossary

list A1
list AAD
list AB
list Absolute Advantage
list Absolute Title
list Acceleration Clause
list Acceptance Liability Ledger
list Accession Rates
list Account Day
list Accounting Rate of Return
list Accrued Depreciation
list Accrued Dividend
list Accrued Income
list Accrued Interest
list Accumulated Dividend
list Accumulated Earnings Tax
list Active Trade Balance
list Ad Valerom
list Ad Valorem Taxes
list Adjunct Account
list Adjustable Peg
list Adjuster
list Advance Bill
list Adverse Claim
list Advice Book
list Advices
list After Sight
list Agency
list Aggregate Corporation
list Aggregate Demand
list Aggregate Supply
list Aggressive Growth Fund
list Agio
list Alien Company
list Allonge
list Alternate Account
list Alternate Depositors
list Amortization Reserve
list Amortized Value
list Annual Balanced Budget
list Annual Percentage Rate
list Annual Wage
list Annual Yield
list Annuitant
list Annuity Table
list Annuity, Life
list Annuity, Retirement
list Anticipation
list Appropriation Ledger
list Arbitrage
list Arrival Draft
list As Earned
list As per Advice
list Asked Price
list Assented Securities
list Assessable Stock
list Asset Currency
list Assimilation
list Associated Banks
list Assurance
list At Call
list At or Better
list At Sight
list Attached Account
list Attached Ledger
list Automated Clearinghouse
list Automated Teller Machine
list Automatic Stabilizer
list Availability Date
list Average
list Award
list AY
list B/L
list Back
list Back Door
list Back Order
list Backdoor Financing
list Bail
list Bailee Receipt
list Bailout
list Balance of Payments
list Balance of Trade
list Balanced Budget
list Balloon
list Balloon Loan
list Balloon Mortgage
list Balloon Payment
list Ballooning
list Bank Acceptance
list Bank Call
list Bank Cheque
list Bank for International Settlements (BIS
list Bank Holding Company
list Bank Rate
list Bankable Bill
list Bankable Paper
list Barometer Securities
list Barometers
list Barren Money
list Base
list Base Period
list Basic Crops
list Bear Account
list Bear Market
list Bear Raid
list Bears
list Beggar-my-Neighbor Policy
list Beta
list Bid and Asked
list Bilateral Monopoly
list Bilateral Payments Agreement
list Bill Broker
list Bill of Credit
list Bills of Credit
list Bimetallism
list BIS
list Black Capitalism
list Black Work
list Blanket Agreement
list Blanket Order
list Blasted
list Blind Entry
list Block
list Blue Chip
list Blue Sky Law
list Bond Amortization
list Bond, Callable
list Bond, Called
list Bond, Consolidated
list Bond, Convertible
list Bond, Debenture
list Bond, Gilt-Edged
list Bond, Income
list Bond, Indemnity
list Bond, Indenture
list Bond, Open-End
list Bond, Premium
list Bond, Public
list Bond, Surety
list Bonded Debt
list Bonus Account
list Book
list Book, Close
list Book, Open
list Boot
list Bottomry
list Bounty
list Brain Storm
list Breakout
list Broken Lot
list Broker’s Market
list Broker’s Ticket
list Broker-Dealer
list Bubble
list Bubble Company
list Bucket Shop
list Budgetary Control
list Bullet maturity
list Burn
list Bust
list Butterfly Spread
list Buy Back
list Buy Down
list Buy Out
list Buy Ticket
list Buyer’s Market
list Buyer’s Monopoly
list Buyers Over
list Cambist
list Capital Appreciation
list Capital Budget
list Capital Outlay
list Capital Rating
list Capital Resources
list Capital Structure
list Capital Turnover
list Carnet
list Carrying Broker
list Carrying Market
list Carrying Value
list Carrying-Over Day
list Cash Against Documents
list Cash Flow
list Cash Sale
list Cash Short
list Cash Surrender Value
list Cash Value
list Cashier’s Cheque
list Cats and Dogs
list Caveat Emptor
list Caveat Subscriptor (Venditor)
list Caveator
list Ceiling Price
list Certificate Account
list Certificated Securities
list Certification
list CF
list Chain Banking
list Charge Account
list Charge Account Banking
list Charter
list Chartist
list Chattel
list Check Rate
list Check off
list Civil Loans
list Claim Audit
list Class of Options
list Clear Title
list Clearance Fees
list Clearing Member
list Clearings
list Closed Account
list Closed Corporation
list Closed Shop
list Closed-End Fund
list Closing Costs
list Closing Sale
list Cognovit Note
list Collapsible Company
list Collateral
list Collateral Security
list Collectible
list Collusive Bidding
list Combined Financial Statement
list Come Across
list Commercial Credit
list Commercial Draft
list Commercial Loan
list Commercial Property
list Commercial Stocks
list Commingled Accounts
list Commission House
list Commission Merchant
list Commodity Theory of Money
list Common Machine Language (MICR)
list Common Stock
list Condensed Balance Sheet
list Conglomerate
list Consolidated Balance Sheet
list Consolidated Sinking Fund
list Consolidation
list Consols
list Consortium
list Consumer Debentures
list Consumer Finance Companies
list Consumer Price Index (CPI)
list Contango
list Contraband
list Conventional Billing
list Core Inflation
list Correspondent Bank
list Cost Free capital
list Cost of Living Index
list Cost Theory of Capitalization
list Cost-Volume Profit Analysis
list Coupon Account
list Coupon Ledger
list Coupon Rate
list Crash
list Crawling Peg
list Creeping Inflation
list Cremation
list Crowd
list Currency Band
list Currency Bloc
list Currency Convertibility
list Currency Parity
list Current Dollars
list Current Return
list Current Value Accounting
list Cut Notes
list Daily Interest Account
list Date of Trade
list Dating
list Day Loan
list Day Order
list Daylight Overdraft
list Daylight Trading
list Dead Asset
list Dead Market
list Dealer Financing
list Dear Money
list Debit
list Debit Card
list Debit Ticket
list Debt Financing
list Debt Securities
list Debtee
list Debtor Nation
list Deceased Account
list Deceleration Principle
list Declining Balance
list Declining Balance Depreciation
list Decreasing Costs
list Deed of Surrender
list Defensive Investment
list Defer
list Deferment Charge
list Deferment Short
list Deferrals
list Deferred Asset
list Deferred Charges
list Deferred Debits
list Deferred Dividend
list Deferred posting
list Deferred Stock
list Deferred Tax
list Deficit Financing
list Deflation
list Deflationary Gap
list Defunct Company
list Delayed Delivery
list Delayed Items
list Delivery Date
list Demand Deposit (Adjusted)
list Demand Deposit
list Demand Draft
list Demand Loan
list Demand Mortgage
list Demand Note
list Demand Price
list Demand-Pull Inflation
list Demonetization
list Demurrage
list Demurrer
list Depletion Accounting
list Deposit Banking
list Deposit Book
list Deposit Currency
list Deposit Function
list Deposit Insurance
list Depositary Receipt
list Depositor
list Depository
list Depreciated Cost
list Depressed Market
list Derived Demand
list Devisor
list Digested Securities
list Dilution
list Diminishing Returns
list Direct Debt
list Direct Earning
list Direct Expenditures
list Disagio
list Discharge of Bankruptcy
list Disclaimer
list Discount
list Discount Corporation
list Discount Loan
list Discount Market
list Discounted Value
list Discounting the News
list Discretionary Account
list Discretionary Fund
list Discretionary Income
list Diseconomies of Scale
list Disinflation
list Disinvestment
list Disposable Income
list Distress Selling
list Distributes
list Dividend Appropriation
list Dividend Order
list Dividend Payout Ratio
list Dividend Reinvestment Plans
list Do not Reduce
list Dominion
list Double Counting (Entry)
list Double Indemnity
list Dow Theory
list Drawing Account
list Drive in Banking
list Dual Banking
list Due to Bank
list Dumping
list Duopoly
list Duopsony
list Dutch Auction
list Earned Income
list Earnest Money
list Earnings Per Share
list Earnings Price Ratio
list Easy Money
list EC
list Econometric Model
list Economic
list Economic Costs
list Economic Profit
list Economic Rent
list Economic Sanction
list Economics
list Effective Debt
list Effective Exchange Rate
list EFT
list Elasticity
list Electronic Cash Register
list Electronic Funds Transfer Systems
list Eligible Paper
list Embargo
list Encode
list Encumbrance
list End Money
list Endowment
list Endowment Insurance
list Endowment Term
list Equation Price
list Equilibrium Price
list Equilibrium Quantity
list Equity Funding
list Equity Transaction
list Equity Turnover
list Escalator Clause
list Escheat
list Escheat Law
list Escrow
list Escrow Agreement
list Estate
list Estate Duty
list Eurobond
list Eurocurrency
list Eurodollars
list Even Lots
list Even up
list Ex-all
list Exchange Current
list Exchange of Spot for Futures
list Ex-Coupon
list Ex-Dividend Date
list Exhaust Price
list Expired Account
list Explicit Interest
list Externalities
list Extortion
list Facsimile Signature
list Factor
list Factors
list Fail
list Fair Price
list Fairy Godfather
list Fat Snake
list Fee
list Fiat Money
list Fiduciary
list Fiduciary Accounting
list Fiduciary Money (or Standard)
list Fiduciary Return
list Fill (or Kill) Order
list Finance Bill
list Finance Unit
list Finance, Public
list Financial Expense
list Financial Markets
list Financial Ratios
list Fireworks
list Firming of the Market
list First Lien
list First Mortgage
list First Notice Day
list First Preferred Stock
list Fiscal Dividend
list Fixed Budget
list Fixed Price
list Flagging an Account
list Flat
list Flier
list Float
list Floating Currency
list Floating Securities
list Floor
list Floor Broker
list Flotation
list Force Account
list Forced Billing
list Foreclosure
list Foreign Currency Account
list Forfeiture
list Forward Buying
list Forward Exchange
list Forward Market
list Forward Prices
list Forwarding
list Foul Bill of Lading
list Fourth Market
list Fractional Currency
list Fractional Lot
list Franchise
list Franchise Clause
list Franchise Tax
list Fraudulent Conveyance
list Free and Open Market
list Free Enterprise
list Free Market
list Free Port
list Free Riding
list Freeze
list Frozen Account
list Frozen Asset
list Full Coverage
list Full Lot
list Full-Service Bank
list Functional Costing
list Fund
list Fund Accounts
list Fund Balance
list Fund Balance Sheet
list Funded Debt
list Funded Deficit
list Future Income
list Futures
list Futures Call
list Futures Exchange
list Futures Market
list Galloping Inflation
list Garbage
list Garnishment
list Gather in the Stops
list GATT
list General Banking Law
list General Equilibrium Analysis
list GIGO
list Giro
list Go Public
list Going Public
list Gold Bullion Standard
list Gold Exchange Standard
list Gold Standard
list Good Money
list Graft
list Grain Exchanges
list Grantee
list Granter
list Grantor
list Graveyard Market
list Gravy
list Gray Market
list Green Power
list Gresham’s Law
list Gross Bonded Debt
list Gross Charge
list Gross Debt
list Gross Deposits
list Gross National Product
list Gross Savings
list Gross Spread
list Gross Yield
list Group Banking
list Growth in Earnings Per Share
list Guaranteed Stock
list Guerrilla Financing
list Hall Mark
list Halsey Premium Plan
list Hammering the Market
list Hang-Out Loan
list Hard Cash
list Hard Loan
list Hard Money (Currency)
list Hard Sell
list HC
list Hedge
list Hedge Fund
list Hedger
list Hedging
list Hidden Tax
list Higgling
list High Credit
list High Finance
list High Flyers
list Hit the Bid
list Holding-the Market
list Homogenization
list Horizontal Merger
list Horizontal Price Fixing
list Hot Issue
list Hot Money
list House Account
list House Bill
list House of Issue
list Human Resource Accounting
list Hush Money
list Hybrid Basis Accounting
list Immediate Annuity
list Immediate Beneficiary
list Immediate Delivery
list Immigrant Remittances
list Impaired Capital
list Impaired Credit
list Imperfect Competition
list Implicit Price Deflator for Gross National Product
list Impost
list Imputed
list Imputed Cost
list In Sight
list Income Clearings
list Income Debenture
list Income Deductions
list Income Distributions
list Income Dividends
list Income Property
list Income Return
list Income Velocity of Money
list Indemnity
list Indent
list Indenture
list Independent Bank
list Independent Broker
list Indicated Yield
list Inequities
list Inflation
list Inflation Accounting
list Inflationary Gap
list IPO - Initial Public Offering
list Installment Cash Credit
list Installment Credit
list Installment Financing
list Installment Sales Credit
list Institutional Investor
list Insurance Coverage
list Insured Life
list Intangible Tax
list Integrated Company
list Interest Only Account
list Interest Short
list Interest Table
list Internal Debt
list Internal Economies of Scale
list Internal Items
list Intervention Currency
list Intestate Succession
list Intrusion
list Inventory Financing
list Inverse Demand Pattern
list Inverted Market
list Investment Banker
list Investment Banking
list Investment Club
list Investment Credit
list Investment Portfolio
list Investors Funds
list Invisible Hand
list Invisible Trade Balance
list IOU
list IP
list Iron Law of Wages
list Irregular Savings Account
list Job Account
list Job Analysis
list Joint Contract
list Joint Will
list Joint-Stock Banks
list Cameralism
list Keynesian Economics
list Kiting Stocks
list Knocked-Down Price
list Labor Economics
list Labor Theory of Value
list Laissez-Faire
list Lamb
list Land Tax
list Land Value Tax
list Lapse
list Last Trading Day
list Law of Increasing Costs
list Laws of Descent
list Lease (Regular or Commercial)
list Legacy (Bequest)
list Legal Asset
list Legal Investments
list Legal Monopoly
list Legal Tender
list Lender of Last Resort
list Lending Securities
list Letter of Attorney
list Leverage
list Leverage Contract
list Leverage Factor
list Leverage Stock
list Levy
list Lien Placement Fee
list Lien Theory
list Life Annuity
list Life Beneficiary
list Life Contingency
list Life Cycle Hypothesis
list Life Estate
list Limited Payment Life
list Limited Power of Appointment
list Limited Price Order
list Line of Credit
list Line of Discount
list Line Organization
list Linkage
list Liquid
list Liquid Ratio
list Liquid Saving
list Liquid Securities
list Liquid Trap
list Liquidated Damages
list Liquidating Dividend
list Liquidating Market
list Liquidating Value
list Liquidity
list Liquidity Preference
list Listed Securities (Stocks)
list Lister
list Listing
list Load
list Loading
list Loan Stock
list Loan Value Ratio
list Loan Voucher
list Loanable Funds Theory of Interest
list Lombard Loan
list Long
list Long Hedge
list Long Interest
list Long Market
list Long of Exchange
list Long Sale
list Long Side
list Long Stock
list Lorenz Curve
list Loss Ratio
list Lost Opportunity
list LTD
list Luxury Tax
list Machine Accounting
list Machine Pay
list Management Accounting
list Management Audit
list Management Company
list Management Fee
list Management Game
list Management Information System
list Management Science
list Managing Agency Accounts
list Margin
list Margin Account
list Margin Buying
list Marginal Analysis
list Marginal Borrower
list Marginal Buyer
list Marginal Lender
list Marginal Producer
list Marginal Propensity to Consume
list Marginal Propensity to Invest
list Marginal Propensity to Save
list Marginal Revenue
list Marginal Seller
list Marginal Trading
list Margined Securities
list Market Audit
list Market Averages
list Market Equilibrium
list Market Financing
list Market Liquidity
list Market Off
list Market Order
list Market Potential
list Market Research
list Market Share
list Marketing
list Marketing Research
list Master Card
list Mature Economy
list Member Firm
list Mercantilism
list Merchant Bank
list Milking
list Mint
list Mint Ratio
list Minus Asset
list MIP
list MLR
list Monetary Base
list Monetary Liability
list Monetary Multiplier
list Money Broker
list Money Market
list Money Market Securities
list Money Rates
list Money Supply
list Monopsony
list Moonlight
list Mortgage
list Mortgage Banker
list Mortgage Clause
list Mortgage Company
list Mortgage Credit
list Mortgage Debt
list Mortgage Loan
list Mortgage Premium
list Mortgage Risk
list Mortgagee
list Mortgagee Clause
list Mortgaging Future Income
list Mortgagor
list Most Favored Nation Clause
list Multicompany
list Multiplier Principle
list Mutual company
list Naked Calls
list Narrow Market
list National Debt
list National Income
list National Wealth
list Natural Capital
list Natural Financing
list Natural Monopoly
list Near Money
list Negative File
list Negative Income Tax
list Neoclassical Economics
list Neo-Keynesian
list Nest Egg
list Net Bonded Debt
list Net Cash Flow
list Net Cost
list Net Debt
list Net Investment Income per Share
list Net Listing
list Net National Product
list Net Profit on Net Sales
list Net Profits on Net Working Capital
list Net Profits on Tangible Net Worth
list Net Realized Capital Gain per Share
list Net Sales to Inventory
list Net Sales to Net Working Capital
list Net Sales to Tangible Net Worth
list Net Worth
list Net Yield
list New Economics
list New Issue Market
list No Protest
list No Record
list Nominal Asset
list Nominal Interest Rate
list Nominal Partner
list Nominal Price
list Nominal Yield
list Nominally Issued
list Non-Par Item
list Non-price Competition
list No-par-Value Stock
list No-Passbook Savings
list Notary Public
list Note Payable
list Note Receivable
list Notice Account
list Notice Day
list Notice of Withdrawal
list Notice to Creditors
list Nursery Finance
list Obligatory Maturity
list Obligee
list Obligor
list Observe
list Obsolete Securities
list Occupation Currency
list Occupational Analysis
list Occupational Information
list Odd Lot
list Odd-Lot Dealer
list Odd-Lot Orders
list Offered Down
list Offering Price
list Offsets to Long-Term Debt
list Ok Packages
list OL
list Oligopoly
list Oligopoly Price
list Oligopsony
list Oligopsony Price
list Omnibus Account
list On Account
list On Balance
list On Demand
list On Margin
list On Opening
list On-Balance Volume
list One Hundred Percent Reserve
list One-Bank Holding Company
list One-Cancels-the-Other Order
list One-Stop Banking
list On-the-Job Training
list Open Account
list Open Credit
list Open Door Policy
list Open Economy
list Open Interest
list Open Market
list Open Mortgage
list Open Order
list Open Prospectus
list Open to Buy
list Open Trade
list Open-End Clause
list Open-End Credit
list Open-End Funds
list Open-End Investment Company
list Open-End Investment Trust
list Open-End Lease
list Open-End Mortgage
list Opening Price
list Opening Purchase
list Opening Sale
list Open-Market Credit
list Open-Market Operations
list Open-Market Rates
list Operating Budget
list Operating Company
list Operating Losses
list Operating Profit Ratio
list Operating Reserves
list Operating Return
list Operations Research
list Opportunity Cost
list Opportunity Cost of Capital
list Option
list Option Account
list Option Day
list Option Income Fund
list Optional Dividend
list Optional Valuation Date
list Optionee
list Optioner
list Organizational Chart
list Organized Market
list Original Balance
list OTC Stocks (Over The Counter Stocks)
list Out of Line
list Out of the Money
list Outbid
list Outcry Market
list Outside Broker
list Outside Market
list Outside Securities
list Over Without Bill
list Overall Market Price Coverage
list Overinvestment Theory
list Override
list Oversold
list Oversold Market
list Overtrading
list Owner Financing
list Paid-in-Capital
list Paid-up Insurance
list Paid-up Stock
list Paper Basis
list Paper Gain or Loss
list Paper Profit
list Paper Standard
list Par Exchange Rate
list Par of Exchange
list Par Value (of Currency)
list Pareto’s Law
list Parity
list Parity Clause
list Partial Monopoly
list Partial Release
list Participation
list Participation Loan
list Partisan Issues
list Passbook Account
list Passed Dividend
list Passing a Dividend
list Passing Title
list Passive Trade Balance
list Passive Trust
list Past Due
list Past-Due Item
list Pay-as-You go Accounts
list Payment for Honor
list Payoff
list Payoff Statement
list Payor
list Payroll Savings Plan
list Payroll Tax
list Pecuniary Exchange
list Pecuniary Legacy
list Peg
list Pending Claim
list People’s Capitalism
list Perfect Competition
list Performance Budgeting
list Performance Report
list Permanent Financing
list Perpetuity
list Personal Distribution of Income
list Personal Income
list Personal Saving
list Petro Bonds
list Petrodollars
list Phantom Stock
list Philips Curve
list Phony Dividends
list Piece-of-the-Action Financing
list Pigou Effect Concept
list Pink Sheets
list PITI
list Pivotal Stock
list Pledged Loan
list Pledging
list Plow Back
list Point
list Point of Sale
list Point-of-Sale Terminal
list Capital output Ratio
list Capital Rationing
list Q-Ratio
list Quantity Theory
list Quasi-Public Company
list Quick Ratio
list Quick Turn
list Rag Money
list Raise
list Raised Bills
list Raised Cheque
list Raised Notes
list Rally
list Rate Base
list Rate of Inflation
list Ratio Analysis
list Ratio of Accounts Payable to Purchases
list Ratio of Capital to Fixed Assets
list Ratio of Collateral to Debt
list Ratio of Finished Goods Inventory to the Cost of Goods Sold
list Ratio of Owned Capital to Borrowed Capital
list Ratio of Raw Materials Inventory to Cost of Manufacture
list Reacquired Securities
list Real Accounts
list Real Earnings
list Real Income
list Real Investment
list Real Money
list Real Price
list Real Property
list Real Value of Money
list Realized Profit (or loss)
list Real-Money Balances
list Rebate
list Rebating
list Recapitalization
list Receivables
list Record Date
list Redeemable Rent
list Redemise
list Redemption Fund
list Redemption Right
list Redemptions
list Refinance
list Reflation
list Refund
list Regressive Taxes
list Regular Lot
list Regular Mortgage
list Remand
list Remittance Letter
list Remonetization
list Remote Electronic Banking
list Rentier
list Reservation Price
list Reserve Currency
list Residuary Clause
list Restitution
list Restoration Premium
list Restricted Account
list Restricted Assets
list Restricted Shares
list Restricted Stock Option
list Restricted Surplus
list Retainer
list Return Item