Commerce Glossary

list Emolument
list Employee Contribution
list Equalizing Dividend
list Equitable Owner
list Equity Financing
list Equity Security
list Escalation Clause
list Escrow
list ESOP
list Eurobond
list Euroclear
list Euro commercial Paper (ECP)
list Eurocredit
list Euromarket
list Euronote
list Exact Interest
list Excess-line Insurance
list Exchange Acquisition
list Exclusion
list Exemplary Damages
list Extended Coverage Endorsement
list Extraordinary Depreciation
list Fabian Socialism
list Factor’s Lien
list Factory Mutual Company
list Fallacy of Composition
list Fan-out
list Fee Simple Estate
list Fidelity and Surety Bonding Insurance
list Fiduciary
list Fill or Kill Order
list Final Average Pay
list Finder
list Fire Legal Liability
list First-class Mail Insurance
list First in System, First Served
list First Mortgage
list Fiscal Drag
list Fiscal Monopoly
list Fixed Order Quantity
list Fixed Reorder Cycle
list Floater Policy
list Floating Address
list Floating Capital
list Floating Coverage
list Floating Debt
list Flood Insurance
list Floor Broker
list Forbearance
list Forced Sale Value
list Foreign Credit Insurance Association
list Forgery
list Formula Pension
list Fraud, Agreement to Commit
list Fraudulent Preference
list Free Alongside Ship
list Free Currency
list Free Exchange Rates
list Free from Particular Average
list Free on Board
list Free Port
list Free Trade Area
list Freezing
list Freight Allowed
list Freight Consolidator
list Functional Authority
list Funded Debt
list Funded Pension Plan
list Funding Bonds
list Fund Obligation
list Futures
list Gaming contract
list Gamma Stocks
list Gantt Chart
list Garnishee
list Garnishment
list Geared Investment Trust
list Gearing Adjustment
list Gearing Effect
list General Average Loss
list General Average Sacrifice
list General Merchandise Warehouse
list General Mortgage
list Ghetto
list Gift Deed
list Gilt-Edged Bond
list Glass Insurance
list Go No-go Gage or Not-Gage
list Good Title
list Graduated Lease
list Graduated Life Table
list Gray Market
list Green Revolution
list Gross Domestic Product
list Gross Merchandise Margin
list Gross National Debt
list Gross Operating Spread
list Gross Requirements
list Group Dynamics
list Growth Stock
list GTC order
list Guaranteed-Wage Plan
list Half Commission Man
list Hall Mark
list Hammered
list Hard-Core Unemployed
list Hazard
list Head-end Business
list Head Tax
list Hidden Amenities
list Hidden Reserve
list Historical Cost
list Hoffman-Neil Rule
list Hold-Back Pay
list Hold-Harmless Agreement
list Hold Order
list Hold Point
list Hold Track
list Horizontal Merger
list Hotchpot
list Hundred Percent Location
list Hyperinflation
list Hyper-market
list Hypothecation
list Hypothecation, Letter of
list Identity Equation
list Implicit Costs
list Implied Contract
list Implied Easement
list Impound
list Impoverished Style
list Imputed Cost
list In-and-out Trade
list Income Consumption Curve
list Incontestable Clause
list Inconvertible Paper Standard
list Indemnity
list Indemnity, Principle of
list Indented Bill of Material
list Indenture
list Inducement to Break a Contract
list Induction
list Industrial Espionage
list Industrial Unit, Sick
list Inflationary Gap
list Inherent Vice
list Innovation
list Insider Dealings
list Inspection Ticket
list Institutional Infrastructure
list Insurable Interest
list Insurance Underwriter
list Insuring Clause
list Integrated Manager
list Integrated Pension Plan
list Interest, Compound
list Interest Cover
list Interest Rate Risk
list Interline Waybill
list Intrinsic Forecast
list Intrinsic Value
list Inventory Shrinkage
list Investment Advisor
list Investment Company
list Invisible Hand
list Issuing House
list Itayose
list Itemized Appropriation
list Jobber
list Jobbing Backwards
list Job Classification
list Job Lot
list Job Shop
list Joint and Several Liability
list Joint life and Last Survivor Annuities
list Joint Tenancy
list Journeyman
list Judgement Creditor
list Junior Mortgage
list Junk Bond
list Kamikaze Pricing
list Kangaroo Closure
list Key Area Control
list Key-Man Insurance
list Keynes’s Law of Consumption
list Kinked Demand Curve
list Kiting
list Kit List
list Knock-for-Knock Agreement
list Know-how
list Kondatrieff Cycle
list Kuznets Cycle
list Labor Cost Ratio
list Labor intensive
list Labor Theory of Value
list Laity
list Landed Price
list Landlord’s Warrant
list Language Sheet
list Lapse
list Laundering Money
list Law of Selective Gravity
list Lay Days
list Lease Assignment
list Leaseback
list Leasehold Insurance
list Lease Purchase Agreement
list Legal Debt Margin
list Legal Tender
list Legatee
list Letters Patent
list Letter Stock
list Leveling Effect
list Leverage
list Levy
list Liability Insurance
list Liability Risk
list Licensed Public Accountant
list Lien
list Life Annuity
list Life Tenant
list Limited Access Land
list Limited Price Order
list Liquidating Dividend
list Liquidity Preference
list Liquidity Ratios
list Listed
list Listed Stock
list Live Load
list Livestock Insurance
list Load Center
list Lock-box System
list Locked in
list Long
list Long term Lease
list Lost Usefulness
list Lot-book Report
list Lot-size Inventories
list Lottery
list Lump sum Appropriation
list Macro Accounting
list Macro Instruction
list Mail-order Wholesaler
list Make-ready Time
list Management of Objectives
list Management by Exception
list Management Control System
list Managerial Effectiveness
list Manual Rate
list Margin Regulations
list Markdown
list Market Equilibrium
list Market Letter
list Market Saturation
list Market Theory
list Markup
list Marxism
list Master Tariff
list Matched and Lost
list Materials Management
list Matured Liability
list Maturity Basis
list Mechanic’s Lien
list Medicaid
list Member Bank
list Member Firm
list Memorandum Bill of Lading
list Memorandum of Satisfaction
list Mercantilism
list Merger
list Methods Manual
list Method Study
list Micro Accounting
list Middle-of-the-road style
list Mineral Lease
list Min/max System
list Mint Ratio
list Miscellaneous Asset
list Mixed Inventory
list Mnemonic System
list Monetary Theory of Business Cycles
list Monetary Union
list Money Substitutes
list Monometalism
list Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act.1969
list Monte Carlo Method
list Moral Suasion
list Mortality Curve
list Mortgage
list Mortgage Bond
list Mortgage Guaranty Insurance
list Mortgage Insurance Policy
list Mortgage Statement
list Most Favoured Nation Clause
list Motion Study
list Motivational Research
list Multi-maturity Time Deposit
list Mutual Investment Company
list National Product, Gross
list National Product, Net
list Natural Financing
list Navigational Change Principle
list Near Money
list Negative Income Tax
list Negligence
list Net Avails
list Net Change
list Net Lease
list Net Proceeds
list Net-Worth Turnover
list No-Benefit-to-payee Clause
list No-fault Insurance
list NOI
list NOIBN
list No-Load Mutual Fund
list Non-assessable Capital Stock
list Non-cumulative Dividend
list Non-cumulative Stock
list Non-operating Revenue
list Non-price Competition
list Nonqualified Stock Option
list Non-revenue Receipts
list Non-stock Corporation
list Non-tariff Barrier
list Non-par-value Capital stock
list Normative Economics
list Notice Account
list Notice of Default
list Notice of Loss
list Objective Value
list Occupancy Rate
list Ocean Marine Insurance
list Odd Lot
list Off-Board Transaction
list Offence Handelsegesellschaft (OHG)
list Offset Statement
list Off-Setting Error
list Of the Books
list Oil and Gas Lease
list Oligopoly
list Oligopoly
list On Consignment
list Open-end Investment Company
list Open-end Mortgage
list Open Indent
list Open to buy Reports
list Operating Cycle
list Operating Revenue
list Operating Statement
list Operation Sheets
list Operations Research (OR)
list Opportunity Cost
list Optimize
list Optional Dividend
list Option Financing
list Order-notify
list Order Point
list Ordinary Annuity
list Organizational Audit
list Organization for European Economics Co-operation (O.E.E.C)
list Organization Manual
list Organization Theory
list Origin Period
list Other Assets
list Other Deductions
list Outlay Cost
list Out-of pocket Cost
list Overbought
list Over Freight
list Overinvestment Theory
list Oversold
list Over-the Counter market
list Package Mortgage
list Panic
list Paper Profit
list Par
list Paradox of Thrift
list Paramount Title
list Parent Company
list Parity of Authority
list Parity Price
list Party Ratio
list Par of Exchange
list Partial Re-conveyance Deed
list Partial Release Clause
list Participating Preferred Stock
list Participatory Leadership
list Partnership Life Insurance
list Parts Consolidation
list Patent Insurance
list Patent Monopoly
list Patronage Dividend
list Payback
list Penetration Pricing
list Penny Stocks
list Percentage Order
list Perfection Standard Cost
list Performance Share
list Peril
list Permission to Deal
list Perpetual Inventory System
list Perquisite
list Personal Effects Floater
list Personal Holding Company
list Personal Property Floater
list Phantom Freight
list Phantom Stock Option
list Physical Budget
list Physical Inventory
list Pictorial Chart
list Planned Obsolescence
list Pledged Asset
list Point
list Policy Method
list Political Risk
list Portfolio
list Positive Economics
list Post-claim Underwriting
list Power of Attorney
list Pre-acquisition Profits
list Preemptive Right
list Preferential Hiring
list Preferred Stock
list Preferred-stock Dividend
list Pretax Income
list Price Index
list Price Leader
list Price System
list Price Variance
list Primary Investment
list Private Offering
list Productivity of Capital
list Productivity of Labor
list Product Layout
list Profitability Ratios
list Profit, Capitalisation of
list Profit Center
list Profit, Ploughed-back
list Profit-push Inflation
list Profit, Unappropriated
list Profit, Windfall
list Progress Billing
list Progressive Consumer
list Progress Payments
list Projected Financial Statement
list Purchase Money Obligation
list Purchase Requisition
list Purchasing Power Risk
list Pure Risk
list Puts and Calls
list Pyramid Selling
list Qualification
list Qualified Report
list Qualified Stock Option
list Qualified Stock Purchase
list Quantity Discount
list Quantity Survey
list Quasi Corporation
list Queuing Problem
list Quick Asset
list Quota
list Quo Warranto
list Rack Jobber
list Racks
list Rain Insurance
list Rally
list Rate-buster
list Rate Group
list Rate of Exchange
list Rate of Return Pricing
list Rating
list Ratios
list Raw Materials
list Re-aquired Stock
list Real Cost
list Real Estate
list Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
list Real Gross Domestic Product
list Real Gross National Product
list Real Income
list Real Investment
list Re-appropriation
list Rebate
list Recapture Clause
list Receivable
list Receivables Turnover
list Receiving
list Receiving (or receiver’s) Report
list Recession
list Reclassify
list Reconciliation
list Reconsignment
list Reconveyance
list Recovery Value
list Redemption
list Redemption Price
list Red Herring
list Rediscount
list Rediscount Rate
list Redlining
list Reducing balance Method
list Refinancing
list Refund
list Register
list Register, Closure of
list Registered Bond
list Registered Mail Insurance
list Registered Trader
list Register of Charges
list Registration of Business Names
list Regulated Investment Company
list Reinsurance
list Release Clause
list Renewal Fund
list Replacement Method
list Replacement Theory
list Rentier
list Repurchased Stock
list Requirements Contract
list Requisition
list Residuary Legatee
list Responsibility Costing
list Responsibility Drift
list Restricted Cash
list Restricted Retained Earnings
list Restricter
list Retirement Method
list Retrogressive Consumer
list Retrospective Rating
list Revenue Deduction
list Revenue Sharing
list Revenue Tariff
list Reverse Split or Reserve Split-up
list Revolving Fund
list Riparian Owner
list Risk Manager
list Rolling Forecast
list Rollover
list Rollover Bonus
list Round Lot
list Round Sum
list Route Sheets
list Rule Off
list Runaway Shop
list Runout List
list Sabbatical Year
list Salary Roll
list Salary Structure
list Sales Load
list Sales Revenue
list Salvage
list Savings Bank Life Insurance
list Savings Bond
list Scanion Plan
list Schedule Coverage
list Schedule Rates
list Scrip
list Scrip Dividend
list Secondary Investment
list Secondary Offering
list Second Mortgage
list Secular Price
list Secular Trend
list Secured Account
list Secured Creditor
list Secured Liability
list Seasonal Dating
list Seasonal Fluctuations
list Seasonal Inventories
list Seasoned Security
list Secondary Account
list Security Risk
list Self fulfilling Prophecy
list Self-Insurance
list Sell and Leaseback Agreement
list Semitrailer
list Semi-variable Cost
list Senior Security
list Separable Cost
list Separated Manager
list Serial Bond
list Service Yield Basis
list Settlement Options
list Several Contract
list Shopping Goods
list Short Covering
list Shortfall
list Short Rate
list Short Sale
list Short-term Debt
list Short-term Equilibrium
list Sight Draft
list Sight Test
list Simple Interest
list Simple Journal
list Simple Trust
list Single-level Bill of Materials
list Single-line Store
list Sit Audit
list Situational Sensitivity
list Slander Liability Insurance
list Sling
list Smallest Processing Time Rule
list Social Balance
list Social Benefits
list Social Costs
list Social Overhead Capital
list Society Risk
list Social Security Integration
list Soft Currency
list Soft Loan
list Source and Disposition of Funds
list Sovereign
list Span of Control
list Special Assessment
list Special Bid
list Speciality Debt
list Special-talent Insurance
list Speciality Goods
list Special Warranty Deed
list Specific Coverage
list Speculation
list Speculative Risk
list Spillover Effects
list Spinoff
list Split
list Splitoff Point
list Spot Cash
list Spot Price
list Stag
list Standard Cost Accounting
list Standard-cost System
list Standard Labor Rate
list Standard Machine Time
list Standard of Living Theory
list Standard Order
list Staple
list Starboard
list Stated Capital
list Stated Value
list Statement of Identity
list Stepped Cost
list Stock Appreciation Rights
list Stock-clearing Corporation
list Stock-option Cancellation
list Stop limit Order
list Stop Order
list Stoppage in Transitu
list Storekeeper’s Burglary and Robbery Policy
list Stores Ledger Cards
list Straddle
list Straight Deductible
list Straight Lease
list Straight Life Insurance
list Street Name
list Style Flexibility
list Style Resilience
list Subassembly
list Subjective Value
list Subordinated Debt
list Subrogation
list Subscribed Capital Stock
list Subsidiary Accounts
list Subsidiary Ledger
list Subsidy
list Substitution Effect
list Summary Prospectus
list Sunk Costs
list Sunspot Theory
list Superintendent
list Supermarket
list Supplemental Appropriation
list Supplementary Cost
list Support Deed
list Supporting Style
list Surplus Value
list Surrender Value
list Surtax
list Surviving Company
list Sweat Equity
list Switch Order
list Syndicate
list T. Account
list Takeout Loan
list Takeover
list Tare weight
list Tariff
list Tax-anticipation Note
list Tax Avoidance
list Tax Base
list Tax Certification
list Tax Receivable
list Tax Evasion
list Tax-exempt Bond
list Technical Analysis
list Tentative Balance Sheet
list Terminal Account
list Term Insurance
list Test Check
list Thin Market
list Third-party Rights
list Third World
list Throughput Accounting
list Tie-in-sale
list Tight Money
list Time Draft
list Time Order
list Title Company
list Trace
list Traceable Cost
list Trade Acceptance
list Trade Account Payable
list Trade Account Receivable
list Trade Balance
list Trade Investment
list Trade Note Receivable
list Trade Payable
list Trade Price
list Trading Certificate
list Trading Limit
list Trading on the Equity
list Transfer Payment
list Traveling Requisition (TR)
list Travelling Auditor
list Treasury Bill
list Treasury Stock
list Trust and agency Fund
list Trust Deed
list Trust Fund
list Trust Mortgage
list Turnaround
list Turnover
list Two-dollar Broker
list Ultra Vires
list Unadmitted Asset
list Unallocated Appropriation
list Unamortized Debt Discount
list Unapplied Cash
list Unappropriated Budget Surplus
list Unappropriated Earned Surplus
list Unappropriated Income
list Unbilled Cost
list Unclaimed Dividends
list Unclaimed Wages
list Undated Stock
list Under Bond
list Undercut
list Underlying Company
list Underlying Security
list Undischarged Bankrupt
list Undisclosed Factoring
list Unearned Increment
list Unencumbered Allotment
list Unencumbered Appropriation
list Unexpended Appropriation
list Unexpired Cost
list Unenforceable Contract
list Uniform Accounting System
list Unintended Investment
list Unissued Capital
list Unitary Demand
list United States Rule
list Unitization
list Unlisted Securities
list Unquoted Investments
list Unredeemed Pledge
list Unrequited Exports
list Unsecured Creditors
list Unsecured Account
list Unsecured Liability
list Upset Price
list Up Tick
list Useful Life
list Usufruct
list Usury
list Vacancy Factor
list Valorize
list Valuation Account
list Value Added
list Value Added Statement
list Value Added Tax
list Value Analysis
list Value Buying
list Valued Policy
list Variable Annuity
list Variable Cost
list Variable Cost Ratio
list Variable Price Option
list Variance
list Variety Store
list Vendee’s Lien
list Vendor
list Vendor’s Shares
list Venture
list Venture Capital
list Vertical Disintegration
list Vertical Filling
list Vertical Integration
list Vertical Market
list Volume Discount
list Volume Rate
list Voting Trust
list Voucher Audit
list Voucher Check
list Voucher System
list Vouching
list Voyage Charter
list Wage Differentials
list Wage Drift
list Wage Freeze
list Wage Incentive
list Wager
list Wages Spiral
list Wage Theory
list Waiver
list Waiver Clause
list Wants Primary
list Wall Street
list Wash
list Wash Sale
list Wasting Asset
list Watered Capital
list Watered Stock
list Waybill
list Welfare State
list Welfare Theory of Taxation
list Wharfage Charge
list Where-used Report
list Wholesale Life Insurance
list Wholesale Price Index
list Wildcat Strike
list Withdrawal Account
list Withdrawal Provisions
list Withholding
list Withholding Tax
list Without Prejudice
list With Profits Policy
list Working Capital Turnover
list Working Control
list Work Order
list Write-Down
list Write off
list Write-up
list W-2 Form
list x-efficiency
list xr or Ex-Right
list x-Theory
list Yankee Bond
list Yankees
list Year-end Adjustment
list Yield
list Yield Gap
list Yield Variance
list Yield to Maturity
list York-Antwerp Rules
list Y-Theory
list Zero-base Budgeting (ZBB)
list Zero-Coupon Bond
list Zero-rating
list Zip Code
list Zollverein
list Zone
list Zoning Ordinance

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