Education - Training Them Young
Education - Training them Young


FIN-LITES is a comprehensive Financial Literacy Certification Contest for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th standards. This program evaluates and certifies students on day-to-day money management based on their understanding of key concepts including financial and economic terms, principles of Savings and Budgeting, banking, taxation and stock markets, prudent investment avenues, basic accountancy and entrepreneurial skills through a specially designed FIN-LITES workbook.


Financial literacy for school students is an integral part of the FLAME initiative.

We firmly believe that authentic financial literacy, if taught during the formative student years, becomes the foundation of a brighter and better financial future for our budding entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders of tomorrow.

FIN-LITES takes students on a roller-coaster ride of non-linear learning on day-to-day money management concepts enumerated in an easy-to-grasp format and style.

The new-found light of financial literacy will undoubtedly help them appreciate the value of money in their lives such that they are better equipped to manage their financial affairs in the years to come.

  • Your school enrols for the FIN-LITES contest by registering students of standard 8, 9 and 10th.
  • Your school appoints a SPOC for all communication and co-ordination with the Flame FIN-LITES team.
  • Registered Students are equipped with a FIN-LITES workbook and granted a month's study time from the date of enrollment.
  • Students appear for the contest by way of a written examination conducted in their own school premise. The examination question paper will be set at three levels for 8th, 9th and 10th standards respectively.

  • Your school becomes a cherished value partner of FLAME in our mission of social empowerment.
  • All students are awarded contest participation certificates while the exceptional performers win certificates of merit and other

Contact our FLAME representative today to know more about the FLAME FIN-LITES contest and registration formalities. Drop a line to today.

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