Honey, I didn’t shrink our Money

A Corporate Love Saga of Revelation and Redemption

Swami is a 31-year old IT professional employed with an MNC. His wife Swathi is a professor at an engineering college, Dad is a retired colonel, Mom a housewife and Kiddo Arjun is a naughty pre-school toddler. The family is discussing life over a relaxed weekend dinner …and that’s when the topic turns to savings, investments and finance.

Swami remarks, "I always skip the Business page of the newspaper. I just can’t make head and tail of those strange charts & reports."

He then looks up to his dad for enlightenment, "Hey dad! Do you follow the Finance page?"

Dad declares ceasefire saying, "Well, son! Ask me about battlefronts, this money business is so intimidating, your mom might know better!"

Mom makes a domestic plea. She contends, "Oh no! Ask me about vegetable prices. My life is my kitchen! Your intelligent wife is the best bet"

Swathi takes an academic turn. She remarks studiously, "I can handle students, the worst of them, but not these financial terms "

The only relaxed soul in the house is Arjun who is not obliged to answer that question.

"Well, we can’t do anything about it, I guess. We are not into finance or banking. Those guys know it all", Swami sighs and the rest nod in unison.

Well, Swami has got it all wrong in assuming that financial literacy is only for the financially literate. In fact, financial literacy has little to do with academic and professional qualification. Some of our highly qualified professionals lack even the basic financial literacy. It takes them quite a while to distinguish between income and wealth, to acknowledge the simple fact that money is part and parcel of our lives. No matter what we do in life, we deal with it.

Like Rahul and Seema, lead pair of our story "Honey, I Didn’t Shrink Our Money: A Corporate Love Saga of Revelation and Redemption"

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