Discrepancies in your credit report? Here is what you need to do

Every time you apply for a loan or a credit card, the bank/lender check your credit report for your credit history and information. This report is available with Credit Information Bureau of India Limited, or CIBIL, an Indian company which keeps track of all your credit information. Every time you take a loan, they collect information about your loan amount or repayment records from the lender. But what if the credit report with CIBIL is does not state the correct facts? Here is what you need to do.

Evaluate the credit report

You have the right to obtain a credit report from CIBIL. You can get the report online from the bureau’s website for a nominal fee. Log on to the website and fill in the necessary forms with the payment option to get your copy of the report. 

Peruse the report to understand everything and check if all your information and credit history is correct. Any wrong information can jeopardize your loan eligibility. If you notice any discrepancy, take it up with CIBIL to correct it.

Filing a dispute application

If you find that the information is incorrect, you should file a ‘dispute request’ with CIBIL at the earliest. You have to write an application to them regarding the errors in the report. The format of the application and their address can be found on the website.

The application must include your complete name, contact information, date of birth, the concerns that need to be addressed, corrections to the incorrect data and the Control Number. The Control Number is a unique 9-digit number found on the top right hand side of your CIBIL Credit Information Report and is generated every time a credit report is generated. It is very important to provide this number to the bureau, as it helps identify the CIBIL credit report on which you would like to ‘dispute’ information.

Include the copies of any proof that supports your application. You can also attach a copy of the report with the incorrect information highlighted.

Use a certified mail service so that you have a sending receipt. This will work as a proof that you have sent your application. Ask for a return receipt to confirm CIBIL has received your mail. 

CIBIL’s response to the application

Once you have raised a Dispute Request, CIBIL checks whether all the requisite details have been provided. The request is then routed to the Dispute Resolution Department for Analysis. This is because one type of dispute request can be resolved by CIBIL itself. If the credit bureau is unable to resolve the request, it is routed to the relevant loan provider. Once the loan provider confirms that there is an error it will provide CIBIL with corrected data. CIBIL then updates the data and informs you as appropriate.

CIBIL does not make changes to any information on its own. It is only a custodian of information received from credit institutions. CIBIL is permitted to make changes to your credit information only when it is confirmed by the relevant lender.

The bureau takes 30 days by mail to respond to your application. They will send you the new results of the analysis of your report. Based on the outcome, you will receive a free copy of the corrected credit report from CIBIL. If you already have applied for a loan, you can request the bureau to send your lender a corrected report.      

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