Ways to save during Diwali

The festival of lights, along with all the festivities, brings with it a lot of expenditure. Since it is an auspicious occasion, everyone wishes to buy new things for their house, gift their loved ones, splurge on sweets, crackers and just about everything that brings joy. While it may not be possible to not spend during Diwali, let us help you with some ways to at least limit the expenditure.

Go Homemade

One should make sweets at home since it comprises a big part of the total expenditure during Diwali. Not only will you save money, but homemade sweets would also be healthy. Similarly, if you are creative and an expert in handicrafts, you can make gifts for your relatives at your home. This will not only save your money, but will also add a personal touch to the gifts.

Cook a lavish meal at home

Entertaining guests during Diwali can also turn out to be very expensive, especially if you are dining out with them. To save yourself this expenditure, you can have the dinner at home by either cooking yourself or hiring a cook; this will save your money and also engender a feeling of togetherness in the family.

Do not get duped by Diwali offers

Do not get fooled by banks which try to attract you with their cash back offers on the usage of credit cards during Diwali. Also, they would provide you with a list of stores and hotels from where you have to buy your products which would limit you. It is also important to note that these banks will give you your cash back on certain conditions, for example, they will give you 15% cash back on your purchase but only to a maximum of Rs. 5000. Now, if you buy products worth Rs. 50,000, they will return only Rs. 5,000 and not Rs. 7,500, which is 15% of your money.

So, do not blindly fall into these traps and plan your finances well to have a happy and economical Diwali.

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