Track your income tax refund

If you are eligible for an Income Tax Return (ITR) you can always enquire about the status of your refund. The Income Tax department has many provisions for you to get your refund and enquire about it. The Income Tax department has chosen State Bank of India (SBI) to be its refunding banker who sends the refund to the customers’ accounts. Else, you can ask for a cheque in your name which the Income Tax department will send to you by speed post. You can also track the status of the same.


The Income Tax department allows you to know the status of your returns. If your returns procedure has not been completed by your officer, you will receive a message notifying the same. You will also be notified if you do not have payable returns for a year. 

Details of refund   

If you are eligible for an Income Tax Return (ITR) for a particular financial year, you will be notified accordingly. If you receive your refund in your bank account, you will get details of the refund reference number. If you are expecting a cheque, you will get details on the status of the same by the speed post service.  


If you are expecting your refund by cheque, you can track the same with the speed post service that is ferrying it. You will receive the speed post reference number from the Income Tax department. Using that number, you can check the status of your cheque on the speed post service’s website or on the contact number provided, if any.


On the speed post service’s website, you will find the enquiry window where you can enter your reference number/tracking id and your email address. Once that is done, you will be notified by email about the status of the delivery.  

Important notes

  • To confirm if you have received the refund, you can log on to your e-filling account and check the status.
  • You can also refer to your bank account statement to check if you have received the refund.
  • If your refund has not reached you or your bank, or there is a discrepancy in the refund amount, you can send a mail to the Income Tax department’s head office with your reference number and details of the issue. 

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