Tips to Handle a Bank Fraud

Becoming a victim of a bank fraud is common anywhere in the world. However, if we abandon banks, who will we trust with our hard earned money? Here are some tips to deal with bank fraud and preventing it in the first place. 

Be bank smart

Before you start dealing with a bank, it is important that you do a background check on it. Check the past record of the bank and peoples’ experience with it. Know a bank well before choosing it.

Online banking

Every bank offers an online banking service. Through the portal, you can monitor all your banking activities and keep a track of all your debits and credits. With its convenience, speed and accuracy, opt for it even if it requires some fee.

Keep a watch

Keep an eye on the transactions from your account, especially f you have opted for direct debits. Make a note of every important transaction. You will notice any discrepancy if your notes do not match your actual transactions. Keep a proof of all your transactions such as debit/credit card payments, deposit acknowledgements etc.  

Online shopping    

Whenever you shop online using your bank account’s debit card, ensure that you are using trusted shopping services. Do not divulge unnecessary information about yourself or your bank account.

Learn everything

If you feel that you have become a victim of a bank fraud, the very first thing you should do is to understand exactly what you can do. You will find this information online and can act accordingly. There might also be a helpline you can contact. 

Take actions

If you notice any discrepancy in your account or think that you have been victimized, take immediate action. The wait after the fraud will only make matters more difficult and expose you to further risks. Report the case to the bank immediately and ensure that they commence the investigation right away.


When you report the fraud and request an investigation from the bank, sign an affidavit and take a copy of it. This will work as a proof of your report. Ensure that the bank agrees to your request.

Police report

Bank frauds are nothing less than a theft, so, you must file a police report for the same. This will also create pressure on the bank and they will understand clearly that you will do anything to save your money.  

Hang on tight

Once the bank commits a fraud and you file a report, there might be a case of delay. You must not let this spoil your plans and must continue with your efforts to win justice. 

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