IIFL launches ‘108 Mantras for Financial Success’ in Hindi & Gujarati 

India Infoline Limited (IIFL) unveiled the Hindi and Gujarati version of its popular book on financial literacy titled ‘108 Mantras for Financial Success’ in Delhi. These books are available at leading bookstores across the country. The book, a best-seller in English, has been specially conceived and conceptualized under IIFL’s FLAME (Financial Literacy Agenda for Mass Empowerment) initiative towards spreading financial literacy amongst masses. The book is attractively priced at Rs.125/- and is also available online. 

A special event was organised at Reliance TimeOut Store, Ambi Mall, Gurgaon, NCR region on Friday and the book was launched by Amar Ambani, Head of Research, IIFL and Anil Mascarenhas, Editor, IIFL.  

In his message on the launch of the Hindi and Gujarati versions of 108 Mantras for Financial Success,  Nirmal Jain, Chairman, India Infoline Group, said, “The government and the regulators are stepping up efforts to increase financial literacy. Our objective is to light a FLAME, which will ignite many a flame to remove the darkness of financial illiteracy and steer the inclusion of masses in country’s financial growth and prosperity. While the government’s emphasis on financial inclusion is to widen the reach of banking services to unbanked rural areas, we endeavor to complement the effort by helping people make the most of the available banking and financial services.” 

Introducing the book to a crowded gathering, Amar Ambani, Head of Research, IIFL said, “Unfortunately the important concept of money management is not a subject taught in schools or colleges. As part of our social initiative, we conceived and published the book keeping it easy to understand across segments, investors, housewives and management students. A picture speaks a thousand words and all 108 concepts are explained through eye-catching visuals with a dash of humour. This is not just a one-time read; rather it is a reference copy which will accompany you in your financial dealings, enhance financial security, ensure a comfortable life post retirement. The book will also help you avoid frauds and losses from unscrupulous agents and dubious schemes. On popular demand, we published this book in Hindi and Gujarati to ensure far reaching benefits to a wider audience.” 

Ambani also emphasized the need to correct the popular misconception about the stock market as a gambling den by fostering a sound investment culture explaining the underlying purpose of primary and secondary market and the benefits of investing for the long term. “While it may be argued that household savings in India are high, the key question is whether savings are being optimally invested.”

Anil Mascarenhas, Editor, IIFL says “Besides books, IIFL’s FLAME initiative also reaches out to school children, housewives, management students and senior citizens. Financial literacy for school students is an integral part of the FLAME initiative and IIFL firmly believes that authentic financial literacy, if taught during the formative student years, becomes the foundation of a brighter and better financial future for budding entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought leaders of tomorrow.

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