Claiming benefits under EPF & EPS

PF provides various benefits such as pension, loan facility, withdrawal, nomination, etc. However, some of us won’t be aware of the different forms which we need to fill while availing these benefits

EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) or popularly known as PF provides retirement benefit to employees of the corporate and private sector to secure a better standard of living at retirement. The purpose of PF is to make some provisions for the future of the employees after they retire. This would also benefit the employee’s dependents in case of an early death.

Most of us also know that it is mandatory to apply for PF if the basic salary of an employee is Rs. 6,500 per month or less. PF is optional for those employees whose basic salary is more than Rs. 6,500 per month i.e. Employees will decide whether they want to enjoy the facility of PF or not.

PF provides various benefits such as pension, loan facility, withdrawal, nomination, etc. However, some of us won’t be aware of the different forms which we need to fill while availing these benefits. The below article provides us information about the various forms, which we may need to fill at some point of time in our lives.

Forms for claiming benefits under EPS Scheme

NSSN Form & Form 2 (Revised)

National Social Security Number (NSSN) is the social security form needed to be filled by every employee. The main benefit of NSSN form is that an employee will be allotted a unique account number which will remain same no matter the number of jobs a person joins or leave. All new joinees willing to opt for the PF should submit the nomination declaration Form 2.

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Form No 13 (Revised)

For transferring PF account of a member from one establishment to another establishment covered under the act / scheme. While joining an establishment, furnish details of previous employment (if any) with previous PF a/c number and scheme certificate. Ensure that enrolment to EPF & EPS is done immediately on the date of joining the establishment.

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Form No 14

Application for financing a life insurance policy out of PF account.

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Form No 19

To be submitted by a member to withdraw his PF dues on leaving service, retirement or termination. PF can be withdrawn only after 60 days from the date of leaving the organisation. Normal PF withdrawal processing takes 45 days from submission of PF form in PF office. Normally, the entire PF withdrawal procedure takes three & half months.

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Form No 20

In the event of death of member, this form is to be used by a nominee / family members to claim the member’s Provident Fund accumulation.

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Form No 31

Form No 31 can be used by PF members to avail advances / withdrawals as provided in the scheme. Form 31 is for PF against loan (PF refund). This enables employees to available a refund on the PF amount. Only those employees who have completed minimum five years in the organization are eligible for PF against loan benefit.

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Forms for claiming benefits under Employees’ Pension Scheme 1995

Form No 10-C is to be filled for claiming refund of employer share, withdrawal benefit and scheme certificate for retention of membership. Pension withdrawal procedure is same as that of PF withdrawal. Employees who have completed minimum six months to less than 10 years in the organization are eligible for pension withdrawal benefit.

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Form No 10-D

To be submitted by the first claimant i.e. member or widow/widower, orphan or nominee as the case may be. Click here

Certificate to be submitted by pensioner
(Life Certificate/Non Re-Marriage Certificate)

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Form No: Statement IW – 1

Statement of employees qualifying for membership as international workers

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PF-related forms

Sr. No.

Type of  PF Forms




National Social Security Number


PF Form No. 2

PF nomination & declaration


PF Form No.19

PF withdrawal form


PF Form No 10C

Pension withdrawal form


PF Form No.13

PF transfer form


PF Form No.10D

Widow pension form


PF Form No. 20



PF Form No. 5(If)

While in service death


PF Form No. 31

PF against loan

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