Check your Aadhaar status online

Each individual needs to enroll only once for Aadhaar which is free of cost

All of us know that Aadhaar is a 12-digit individual identification number issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) on behalf of the Government of India. This number will serve as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India.

Any individual, irrespective of age and gender, who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the UIDAI can enroll for Aadhaar. Each individual needs to enroll only once which is free of cost.

Many of us have enrolled for Aadhaar and have got our Aadhaar cards. However, some of us are still waiting for the same. Do you know it is possible to track your Aadhaar status online? For this you need to have 14-digit enrolment ID or 28 digit enrolment ID date time with you which were provided to you at the time of enrolment/registration in the form of acknowledgement slip.

You must ensure that you insert the fields in correct format which is shown just below the input field box. Besides these you must enter the image-text shown on the page in the third field. After filling all the entries click on the submit button. If you receive an error, try again with correct details.

Click here to know your Aadhaar Status

Click here to know your Aadhaar Postal Status

Aadhaar postal status: You can track your Aadhaar postal status from the Indian Postal Service only if the Indian Postal Service has received your Aadhaar letter from the UIDAI to deliver to your mailing address. In any other case, it will show that they have no delivery with such details and for that you can track your UIDAI Aadhaar status with date time

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