list What is FLAME FIN-LITES all about?
list What is financial literacy?
list Why is financial literacy necessary?
list Why should schools encourage students to participate?
list How does the FIN-LITES contest work?
list What are the fees for participating in the FIN-LITES contest?
list What is IIFL’s objective through this FLAME initiative?
list Once the school collects the fees, how does the FIN-LITES contest work?
list What does the FIN-LITES workbook cover?
list How much time is available for the same?
list What is the age limit for participating in FIN-LITES contest?
list What is the Examination procedure?
list In case students have any queries who do they contact?
list Will it clash with the students’ school exams?
list What do successful students get after the FIN-LITES contest?
list Will the school receive any benefits?
list What if I still have more queries?

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